Transformative Training for
Women's Sexual Education By Male Sexpert

We'll openly discuss women's sexuality and answer many awkward questions you've never felt comfortable asking before.

You will learn tips on boosting sexual confidence, discovering your sexual personality, pleasing your partner and learning techniques to enhance sensuality, achieve deeper orgasms, increase libido, and more.
The Training Goal
Empower you with self-confidence to overcome insecurities, challenges, taboos, complexes, and stereotypes surrounding your sexuality.
The Training Outcome
You'll gain insights and techniques to discover your sexual personality and develop skills for greater satisfaction in your intimate life.

This Training Equips Women With Transformative Insights To Resolve Sexuality-Related Challenges

Sexuality is a Skill - Discover how to elevate your sexual life to the next level

Becoming More Sensual

Techniques for enhancing sensuality and achieving multi-orgasmic experiences.

Sexual Self-Confidence

Strategy to fight sexual shame and cultivate confidence for intimate moments.

Relationship With Partner

Methods to foster a stronger, more intimate connection with your partner.

Libido & Sex Drive

Tips about how to increase low libido and balance sexual drive differences with your partner.

Sexual Longevity

How to enhance sexual endurance and increase erogenous sensitivity through exercises and supplements.

Positions That Suit You

Learn about physiological-based orgasmic sex positions and your own pleasure points.

Your Sexual Personality

Understand and embrace your sexual desires, secret fantasies and preferences.

Sexual Experience

Strategy to explore and enhance your sexual experience.

Sexual Dysfunctions

How to deal with discomfort feelings or difficulty reaching orgasm.

Throughout the training, you'll craft a personalised sexual strategy and receive tailored instructions for enhancing your sexual satisfaction and wellbeing.


1. Part - Intro conversation about women's sexuality.

How orgasms work.

Sexuality as a skill.

Body and mind connection.

Sexual shame and self-confidence.

Intimate connection with your partner.

2. Part - Building Your Sensual Strategy.

Power of manifestation and Intention for motivation.

Technique for enhancing sensuality and achieving multi-orgasmic experiences.

Starting Your Big Sensual Personality Book.

Dormant Sexuality Awakening.

Sexuality Mapping.

Exploring Senses.

Your Own Pleasure Points.

Sexual Desires, Secret Fantasies and Preferences.

3. Conclude Part.

Answers to your questions.

Casual chat.

The End.

Training Info
Age barrier: 21+
Sexual Experience: Not important
Frequency: Weekly
Personal & Microgroups of 6 people
Duration: 4+ hours with a coffee break
Location: 5-star hotel in central Bangkok and Pattaya
Language: English (Translator available upon request)
Clothing style: Free
Price starting from 5,000 THB | $150

Important: The event does not involve nudity or unethical behaviour.

About Me

Hi, ✨ I'm Alex Noirs, a Life & Sex Coach, Orgasmologist, and Sacral Bodywork Practitioner.

Welcome to my transformative world of self-discovery.

For half my life, I've been immersing myself in the practical knowledge surrounding women's sexual physiology, resolving intimacy issues, and mastering the essential components of success and the art of life satisfaction.

Facts you usually want to know about me:
  • I am a 40-year-old straight man from Northern Europe.
  • Permanently living and practising in Asia.
  • I have travelled worldwide over the last 20 years, learning and practising.
  • My interests are sexual research, orgasmology, self-exploring & improvement, a healthy lifestyle, sharing knowledge, and connecting with great people and new cultures.
  • I've developed projects such as "AI-Sex Therapist," "Sacral Bodyworks", "Sexunamy Training," and the "Orgasmologist Protocol," a foundational method for transformative journeys of sensual self-discovery and intimate healing.
Why do I do this?
  • I'm passionate about offering women opportunities to find success both in their daily lives and in the exploration of their sensual selves, breaking free from centuries-old patriarchal legacies and the weight of judgmental cultural and societal pressures.
Now, I practice in Asia, helping thousands of women find self-discovery, confidence and pleasure.

What Ignited The Creation Of This Training?

This training is the culmination of Alex's professional reflection, drawn from thousands of conversations with his clients as a somatic sex coach, highlighting the gap in adult sexual education.

While we're often clear about our food preferences and movie tastes, matters of sexuality, orgasms, and intimate connections with partners can leave us at a loss, hesitant to seek guidance.

Why do we know so little about our sexual personality, mind, and body? How can we enhance our sex drive? What types of people or touches arouse us? Which specific positions bring pleasure? Why do some struggle to experience vaginal orgasms, and which parts of the vagina are orgasmic?

These inquiries, among others, serve as the cornerstone of this training, aimed at empowering individuals to discover greater satisfaction in their sexual lives. Participants will gain practical insights into optimizing their sexual experiences and deepening intimacy.

Training Tickets Prices

You can book training outside Bangkok or Pattaya, but the price may vary.
"Gold" Ticket
For Group Training
  • Limited to 6 tickets per training.
  • Free coffee, tea and snacks.
  • Training Kit.
  • Possibility to ask your questions.
  • Access to all training features.
  • Free access to an AI-sex Therapist
5,000 THB | $150
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Training FAQ

Get answers to common questions
The training is a transformative session designed to help women reconnect with their femininity, explore sensuality, and cultivate empowerment in a supportive environment.
It is by appointment only.
Please send me your initial inquiry,
I will send further details.

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